overview 7 Sÿnns is the upcoming compilation album by Immortal Sÿnn, comprised of new and previously-released material all recorded during the Force of Habit sessions. The record has a digital release date of June 24th on most major streaming platforms.

The first, and only previously-unreleased track on the album, “Aegri Somnia”, features a friend of the band, Marisol Vasquez on flute once again. The track itself lends itself more to power metal and folk metal than other tracks in the band’s catalog. This song is a sequel to “Anamnesis”, and continues the storyline established therein.

“Let Them Eat Metal” was released as a bonus track on the vinyl edition of Force of Habit. It is a much faster and thrashier version of The Rods’ track. “Eternal Night” was the first of two bonus tracks originally released on the CD version of Force of Habit. This song has power metal elements as well as some more modern ones, but still retains the band’s old-school feel.

“The Night is Young” was previously released as an Apple Music exclusive when Force of Habit was first released. It features lead singer, Duel Shape, and bass player, Frantz Pierre, sharing vocal duties. “State Oppression” is the first of two bonus tracks previously released on the cassette tape version of Force of Habit. It is a thrash metal song with a political theme, for which the band is known.

“Tired and Red” is the second of two bonus tracks previously released on the cassette tape version of Force of Habit. It features guitarist and founding member, Tony Z, on lead vocals as well as lead and rhythm guitar. This is a straightforward cover of Sodom’s track from their 1989 album, Agent Orange.

“La Balada” is the second of two bonus tracks previously released on the CD version of Force of Habit. This is the first song in the band’s catalog to be sung entirely by drummer Axel Berrios, as well as the first song to be sung entirely in Spanish. Sharone Borik (Sharone) and Mia Paris provide backing vocals for this song. It is a cover of the Mexican band, Cuca, with many layers and parts added to Immortal Sÿnn’s version to give it a much grander sound and feel.
For fans of Judas Priest, Megadeth, Sodom, The Rods, Cuca, Iron Maiden
Recording info All songs were recorded during the sessions for Force of Habit in 2020 and 2021. Due to the firing of the band’s previous lead guitarist and bass player after their 2019 summer tour, almost all of the instrumentation on the record was handled by drummer Axel Berrios and guitarist/founder, Tony Z. Duel Shape joined the band shortly after recording sessions began in March 2020, but lead guitarist brad Wagner and bassist, Frantz Pierre, did not join the band until close to the record’s completion.

While Brad was able to contribute lead guitar parts to five of the tracks on 7 Sÿnns, Frantz only recorded backing vocals and one lead vocal to share with duel on “The Night is Young”, as all of the bass parts had been recorded by Tony or Axel by the time he joined.

The band was happy to once again utilize its female friends to contribute to the record. Marisol Vasquez once again contributed her flute skills to 7 Sÿnns. She could be heard first on “Whiskey II: The Wrath of Corn” from Force of Habit. Sharone Borik of Sharone sang on an Immortal Sÿnn record for the first time and contributed her vocals to the track, “La Balada”. Mia Paris also contributed vocals to “La Balada”. Mia first sang backups for Immortal Sÿnn on the track, “Novus Ordo Seclorum” from the album, Machine Men, released in 2017.

All tracks on 7 Sÿnns were recorded at Rusty Sun Audio in Parker, CO. They were engineered and mixed by Nick Nodurft, and mastered by Jason Livermore (Rise Against, Descendants, As I Lay Dying) at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO.

All tracks apart from “The Night is Young”, will be released digitally for the first time when 7 Sÿnns go live on June 24th.

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