Xenoglossy Productions is proud to announce a new split release between two entities from its roster: ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPTS and QUILMOLONCM. This is a conceptual split based on Jorge Luis Borges' short story "Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius", reissued in the collection "Ficciones". The story focuses on the author's discovery of the mysterious and apparently fictional world of Tlön, whose inhabitants believe a form of subjective idealism, denying the reality of the world.

ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPTS' side is about "hrönir", which are aberrations of an object who is lost and subsequently found by two different people in two different places.The hrönir of second and third degree - the hrönir derived from another hrön and those derived from the hrön of a hrön - exaggerate the aberrations of the initial one; those of fifth degree are almost uniform; those of ninth degree become confused with those of the second; in those of the eleventh there is a purity of line not found in the original. The process is cyclical: the hrön of the twelfth degree begins to fall off in quality. The artwork is a representation of hrönir of the first, third and thirteenth degree of the Dama de Elche, a limestone bust from the 4th century BC.

QUILMOLONCM's side is about the fictional language spoken in Tlön and lyrics are partially written as if they were in that language, which lacks nouns and is centered instead in impersonal verbs qualified by monosyllabic adverbial affixes. "Hlör u fang axaxaxas mlö literally means "upward behind the onstreaming it mooned" ("the moon rose above the water"). In the lyrics there also references to the above mentioned "hrönir" and language concepts found in another Borges short story, "The Library of Babel".

Musically, ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPTS offers its trademark instrumental raw black metal, while QUILMOLONCM is featuring drums for the first time, and riffing is more black metal oriented instead of the freeform improvised drone of the self-titled EP.

ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPTS music is completely conceived and realized by sole member Kobold. QUILMOLONCM is a solo project from Stilgar (also from THECODONTION), featuring Kuranes (from MAESTUS, LODGE OF THE EMPTY BED, ex-PILLORIAN among others) on vocals and Warrior (ANCESTRAL VISION) on programming and mixing.

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