Gearing up for their hometown Vancouver album launch show on December 15th at Wise Hall (info), Canadian thrashers Hyperia have teamed up with The Scoville Scoundrels to create the "Deathbringer Hot Sauce" that will be exclusively available at their upcoming shows and tour dates.

"This stuff is seriously hot and insanely tasty. Buy one yourself at any of our upcoming shows!" adds the band.

The hot sauce was created by Hyperia's newly recruited drummer Aaron Bell who with his co-worker, both working as concrete truck drivers and penchant for pepper farming decided to launch their hot sauce company "The Scoville Scoundrels". Bell explains further:

"I grew five plants three years ago with mild success. The next year I saw that AJ had moved into an apartment with a south-facing balcony garden and my gears started turning in his head. The next year AJ and I did five plants, but each plant got three yields and we made about 16 mason jars, then 2023 rolled around, and decided we should go big! We bought around 40 pepper plants with about six different types of peppers, and it was so hard to keep up, in fact, we were just getting warmed up and had a lot more to bottle.

This specific SAUCE for Hyperia, which is only a limited run, but can be duplicated consists of ghost pepper, Trinidad, scorpion, Orange, habanero, Carolina, reaper, local vinegar, garlic, honey, onion, organic papaya, organic pineapple, organic blood, orange, organic, grapefruit, organic, lime, and lemon."

Get ready to have your face blown off with the latest thrash attack from Canada’s Hyperia. Their third full-length “The Serpent’s Cycle”, was just unleashed on November 17th, and it marks a new era for them boasting some of the most aggressive thrash metal they’ve ever written, complimented with plenty of melodic vocals and guitar work. It consists of everything Hyperia stands for shred, speed, and intricacy and it will definitely catch the attention of musicians and non-musicians alike. Hyperia shares their excitement for the release:

“This is the first album we’ve released that isn’t much of a concept album like our first two. This album deals with different lyrical ideas such as the human condition, philosophy, psychology, partying, and much more. Musically this album is insanely aggressive, technical, and fast. We have some of the fastest songs we’ve ever written on this album and during recording, we were all definitely pushed to, and sometimes past, our limits.”

To Hyperia, “The Serpent’s Cycle” is the pinnacle so far of their creativity and finesse. They’ve taken familiar elements they’ve used before, such as menacing thrash riffs and pretty melodies and by presenting a seamless interaction between each member of the band, their signature sound and furious stage presence is something to be admired.

The eleven-track album is much more polished than its predecessors and continues the same writing process, the majority of the songwriting is done by guitarist Colin Ryley but everyone gives input and transforms the songs into what they are in the end. Ryley also mixed the album, while Mika Jussila mastered it and the album art was done by Caitlin Delaplace.

Wailing vocals, shredding guitars, and fast, heavy drums await in “The Serpent’s Cycle”, which is recommended for fans of Lost Society, Exmortus, and Municipal Waste.

“The Serpent’s Cycle” was released on November 17, 2023, and is available for at, Spotify.

Show Dates:

Dec 15 - Vancouver, BC - The Wise Hall (The Seprent's Cycle - Album Launch Show) w/ W.M.D., Medevil, Stone Spear

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