Husbandry has made a name for themselves over the past decade as one of the mainstays of their region's alternative cadre, pulling influences from NYC’s melting pot of sounds. Known for their stratospheric musical technique paired with wall of sound live performances, the band has always placed importance on keen songwriting as well as technical fireworks. This dedication to their craft has kept them busy in the studio since 2021, creating material for a new musical era they refer to as “Husbandry 2.0.” Today, the band shares the bold, caustic single and video “Drop By Drop,” out now on Static Era Records.

“Drop By Drop” was produced by longtime collaborator Jon Markson (Drug Church, Drain) in 2023 and is the band’s first offering since their 2019 album A Port In A Storm. Their latest track showcases the bands new and more aggressive style, heavily inspired by post-hardcore and alternative rock. The song blends impressive technical playing and soaring vocals with hard hitting moments of metallic fury, creating a sense of emotional turmoil and tension throughout.

The intentional push-pull style of writing pays off for the audience even more when paired with the impressive official music video, directed by Jamie Puerta. Filmed in a classroom setting, the video conveys a subtle narrative about overcoming obstacles and breaking cycles - pulling inspiration from lead singer Carina Zachary’s powerful lyrics. Scenes split to capture the live intensity of the band, and you can watch the video HERE.

When asked to expand on the meaning of the song, Carina had this to say:

“‘Drop by Drop’ is about becoming aware of certain cycles and patterns that repeat in your life. Whether it’s the spiral of addiction, unhealthy behaviors, or partnerships that lead to nowhere, the song is about doing the work of finally acknowledging your role in the repetition”

Husbandry will continue their sonic journey throughout 2024, as they continue to push the boundaries of post-hardcore and alternative music with powerful new releases and live performances.

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