Hopeless Records is celebrating 30 years of independent music in a big way. Today, the California-based label announces one of their most special projects to date: a massive cover series where members of their current roster put their own spin on the label’s most-iconic hits to date. The series sees modern day Hopeless Records artists like The Wonder Years, Bayside, PVRIS, Stand Atlantic, and more cover hits from the likes of Avenged Sevenfold, Thrice, Yellowcard, All Time Low, The Used, Neck Deep, and more!


“I think we are the longest tenured Hopeless Records artist of all time. It was the label that took a shot on us when everyone else passed. The label that changed our lives. We are deeply ingrained in the company’s history, and so when I say Happy 30th Birthday, it’s not just because I’m proud of them, it’s because I’m proud of us. All of us. We built some amazing, lasting things together, as a team. Because of that, I don’t think you could have a 30th Anniversary comp without The Wonder Years and we’re very excited we got to do the legendary Thrice track, “Deadbolt.” Recording it pushed us to places we don’t always go as a band, and it was both a blast and an honor.”
- Dan Campbell



Hopeless Records has thrived as a beloved home for independent music for nearly 30 years. The music industry has changed drastically in those three decades, but in Hopeless founder Louis Posen’s mind, the company’s approach to music has remained the same. “The essence of the business hasn’t changed to me” Posen says. “The essence is finding art that connects with fans in a deep and emotional way. The record labels that work with artists who can make those connections and help them develop their careers are the ones that will be left standing in the long run”.

With that guiding principle woven into its fabric, Hopeless has endured largely by adapting to the ever fluctuating alternative music scene. Founded in 1993 as an excuse to release a seven-inch by the band Guttermouth, the Van Nuys, California-based record label spent much of the 90s catering to the prominent pop punk and ska craze with a short roster that included 88 Fingers Louie, Dillinger Four, and Mustard Plug. But as mainstream tastes shifted, so did the label, which became home to a diverse spectrum of alternative music, encompassing everything from Atom and His Package and Thrice, to Avenged Sevenfold. Hopeless has been a haven for accomplished legacy acts like Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard, and New Found Glory, but has also fostered emerging new artists like Neck Deep, The Wonder Years, and Illuminati hotties. One of the label’s greatest success stories, All Time Low, joined the roster early on in their career, and the collaboration has since racked up a number of Gold and Platinum records.

A constantly evolving positive force, Hopeless has navigated the changing tides of alternative music to continue reaching new generations of music fans over the years. During the label’s tenure, Warped Tour has come and gone, listening habits have largely moved from physical media to streaming services, and artist discovery has become more prominent on social media apps like TikTok. With this, Hopeless has emerged as a leading voice in developing young talent, proudly fostering Gen-Z voices like Waterparks, Scene Queen, NOAHFINNCE, and DE'WAYNE early on in their careers. As a result, Hopeless has emerged as one of the greatest independent success stories and an institution in alternative music.

Beyond the label’s impressive accomplishments, which boasts several Billboard top ten albums and millions of records sold, Posen’s proudest achievement is the label’s charity and advocacy work, which has long been an integral aspect of the business. Hopeless’ charity arm, Sub City, has raised over $3 million for more than 50 causes since its inception in 1999. The Songs That Saved My Life series, which started in 2018, continues that mission by raising funds and awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. Posen, who is a board member of several prominent industry organizations like Merlin and A2IM, notes, “It’s not enough for Hopeless to be a part of the community. We want to be a positive part of the community”.

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