Post-hardcore & metalcore (and their associated styles) are some of the most overcrowded genres in heavy music, and let's be honest - it can be challenging for new acts to achieve standout status. Occasionally a band comes along that changes that. Enter Honour Bound; a young Canadian quartet that shows a mastery of both genres without sticking to the usual tropes that you might expect from a bands first release.

"Brittle Bones", the bands debut single and first track from their upcoming self-titled EP, serves as a clear indicator that Honour Bound has a refreshing and unique point of view. Melodic, flowing chords and clean vocals mesh perfectly with an aggressive and technical performance from the drummer and bassist to constantly push the song forward. The mosh friendly chugging breakdowns and growled vocals that shift the song from "post-" directly into "-hardcore" are heavy and tight without losing their gritty authenticity in favor of an over-polished approach.

Channeling melodic legends like Underoath, Haste the Day and Crown The Empire alongside technical acts like Hail The Sun and Northlane without losing sight of a raw hardcore-punk approach is no easy task - "Brittle Bones" proves that that Honour Bound is up for the challenge!

Honour Bound will release their self-titled EP on July 27th

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