Following in the body-strewn footsteps of last year’s Bazookiller EP, Spain’s HOLYCIDE are back with their third full length album – Towards Idiocracy! While Bazookiller was undoubtedly a hard hitting release in its own right, Towards Idiocracy sees Holycide reaching new war torn peaks of intensity with this full force thrash metal nuclear attack. If you thought you knew what Holycide were capable of then think again – the bar has just been raised to unprecedented heights. It’s time to march on Towards Idiocracy

Since their blistering Toxic Mutation EP back in 2015, Holycide have held the banner high for uncompromising, undiluted thrash metal – in the words of the mighty Exodus, “100% all out nothing less, aggressive relentless and mean”. Like no other band in the modern age, Holycide’s dedication to thrash is absolute and with their third full length album, Towards Idiocracy, they have created a genuine thrash masterpiece. From the opening attack of "A.I. Supremacy" to the last defiant chord of final track "Flamethrower ‘Em All", via a flawless cover of the Atrophy classic "Chemical Dependency", Towards Idiocracy is a nirvana of monstrous riffs, relentless drums and a snarling vocal presence that will have the unbelievers running for the hills. A caustic attack on humanity’s pathetic addiction to a shallow, selfish existence, Towards Idiocracy is every bit as vehement in its unforgiving lyrical exhortations as in its rapid fire, twin guitar assault. Holycide are setting the standards for thrash in 2024!

Still bonded by blood with Xtreem Music, Holycide will unleash the fistful of metal that is Towards Idiocracy (CD/LP/MC) on June 6th, 2024 – the international day of Slayer. What more fitting release date could there be for an album which is Holycide’s very own Reign In Blood? Their most intense, unyielding, inexorable album to date!

Music for new album was recorded:

  • guitars, bass & drums at Black Night Studios (Palma de Mallorca),
  • vocals at Sanctuary Studios (Madrid).

Produced and arranged by Vicente J. Payá at Black Night Studios. All was mixed by Javier Fernández Milla at Montseny Studios (Angelus Apatrida, Avulsed) and mastered by Davide Billia at MK2 Recording Studio (Antropofagus, Beheaded). Vividly violent artwork was done by Daemorph Art (The Black Dahlia Murder, Vulvodynia, Bodyfarm). Band photo by Lucretia Morti.

Prepare for detonation!

Dave Rotten comments new song: "The lyrics of this song talk about the current era of fake news. When we don't like some truth, we cover it with fake news, creating another fake new with this, and sometimes, we know positively that something is fake new, but even so, we settle for giving it credibility, simply because it agrees with our ideology, in what it seems that anything goes. We have become accustomed to living with lies and hoaxes, which are the new truth... making the infamous Göbbels right: "a lie repeated a thousand times becomes a truth".


WATCH video to the song "Lie is the New Truth"

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