International football anthem supergroup Harry & The Kanes are pleased to reveal their new single ‘When England Win’, out now via Alcopop! Records.

The track follows on from their Women's Euros 2022 single ‘I Wanna Be A Lioness’ and previous 2021 single ‘We Are Dreaming Now’ which became an unlikely smash last tournament, generating nearly 50,000 streams overnight after England beat Denmark in the semi final, hitting the Spotify Viral Chart as Euro's fever soared.

After Radio X new music guru John Kennedy and BBC introducing’s Jess Iszatt aired the track last week, we here at Alcopop! Records experimented with a good luck superstition of our own, painstakingly streaming the track 1,966 times over the weekend to ensure we clutched a mighty victory over Serbia.

History will prove that this was absolutely the right thing to do, but as our three lions displayed, it was not a perfect we must insist that EVERYONE in the country does the same, puts the work in and gets streaming. Only then can we be 100% assured of victory in Germany.

Forged in Chigwell and raised beneath the hallowed turf of White Hart Lane, the mysterious Harry and the Kanes have been locked in a studio for the last 6 years with one goal in life—to create a banger powerful enough to finally catapult England to football victory.

‘When England Win’ is the latest in a long line of hopeful crossover releases from their football mad independent record label, Alcopop! Records.

Founded with money won on a bet after a scorching Tresor Lomana Lua Lua goal in 2006, Alcopop! have previously released football-focused singles from Helen Love and DITZ, charity compilation album The World According to Lomana Lua Lua in partnership with Glasgow United FC, sponsored the QPR match ball as part of The Spook School’s signing advance, and even sponsored the match at Gretna F.C 2008 just after their calamitous crash from Scottish-Cup-nearly’s to non-league obscurity.

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