‘Gone Gone Gone’ sets the tone for Jan’s upcoming debut album. ‘Violent Disco’ is the surprising follow-up to his EP ‘Cheap Dreams’. Even though the orchestral approach and the restrained passages of his debut EP are still there, his new music is more extraverted, raw and energetic.

“Violent Disco has the same ingredients as my first EP but the songs have more groove, more rawness and energy. The album will be a rollercoaster of moods and genres. On Cheap dreams, I wanted to escape the daily rush and make something pretty and gentle. When I started writing this album I was looking to continue on this path, but during the pandemic I slowly turned into a hungry beast, desperately looking for adventure and excitement. Nobody will be waiting for a sad record when this is over, I thought”

‘Gone Gone Gone’ comes with an epic DIY animated video, in which Jan walks through Google maps in a bunny suit. Long story:

“Last year I watched a lot of classic maffia movies. I imagined myself dancing away from this life while robbing banks. The soundtracks inspired me to make this song. For the video I planned to film a robbery at De Grote Post in Oostende. I fixed an American bad-ass car and bought boxes of fake money online. But then came the lockdown. I ended up alone with a camera and a pile of magazines. Still I wanted to make this larger-than-life Hollywood video. I felt isolated so I started walking through the American desert and the streets of Hong Kong in Google maps. I thought of a way I could implement those landscapes into my video. An advertisement of a treadmill popped up and - boom! - there was the idea. I filmed myself on the treadmill and replaced the background with a collage of Google maps, magazines, drawings and images I found on the internet. It took me more time to make this video than to write the album. But I loved every second. I feel connected to all the characters because it took me forever to cut them out, scan and animate them. I even dream about them, no joke.”

Check out single ‘Gone Gone Gone’ HERE.

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