"Music is like the wind, it never stops. We are the ones who stop listening" - Alain Damasio

The Grand Sbam, a french bastard music ensemble, will release their new album Furvent for a December 11th release via Dur et Doux! The Grand Sbam embarks with Furvent on a new journey in octet, to meet the wind and the natural elements, inspired by A. Damasio's novel: The horde of the counterwind and by the symbolism of the Yi King (I Ching).

Carved in the continuous flow of sound, the music of the ensemble is a de-fluence, a circumvention, an inflection of air and time. An impetuous flow of sound defying musical boundaries. Nowhere between rock, contemporary music, ancient music, jazz, electroacoustics, it draws sharp lines and curves on the back of our disintegrating present. It plunges the listener into a familiar universe with an unpredictable future, caresses him like a soft zephyr and propels him straight into the eye of a cyclone.

Today Everything Is Noise has the premiere of new single La Trace accompanied by a creepy and strange video!

Everything Is Noise comments: "Ever wondered what happens if you put cheese, garlic, an egg, and some salt on a rock and cover them with stones? Honestly, neither had I, but let me warn you – the result is probably not what you expected. And what about the hand that reached out from the forest floor and gave you these things to begin with – what’s the deal with that? Perhaps it has something to do with the mirror tree, or all the strange creatures you keep seeing? French experimental group Le Grand Sbam might not be willing to give us the answers, but the video for their new song “La Trace” sure brings up a lot of questions."

Watch + share: [Le Grand Sbam - Furvent] La Trace - YouTube

Powerful and delicate, virtuoso and sensitive, Furvent's music, composed for four hands by Guilhem Meier and Antoine Arnera, is nourished by contrast, developing a furious madness charged with symbols and poetry. It explores the multiple and hybrid possibilities of a singular instrumental ensemble with generous tones, mixing electric and acoustic sounds.

Singing is omnipresent, oscillating between solos, duets, choirs, in polyphonies, monodies and counterpoints, made up of onomatopoeia, invented words and French sometimes distorted or compressed in order to shift the meaning in the sounds and to infuse the speech with strange and musical colors, of the type "soufli blastou sifloventéoval rafali tonutriyè tiotiènio éolié laliéné ", or "chu yu yu you yo ya wa ya kin, dwendet dwen det". This broad use of the voice is wrapped in an avalanche of acoustic and electric sounds, with the presence of rare instruments such as the Mellotron, ancestor of the sampler, or the Cymbalum, ancestor of the piano. Synthesized, Bass, Piano, Rhodes, Semi-electric Drums, Marimba and percussions collide and implode, generating a cosmic Blast, which is also called Grand Sbam.

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