With a premiere via Post-Punk.com, Berlin post-punk quartet WIRES & LIGHTS return with a new video and single for Swimming!

If one deeply searches for suitable references and suitable descriptions in order to somehow channel the unmediated enthusiasm for a new record, it can bring you near to despair. At the latest if one scrabbles in the grosso modo correct drawer afterwards (post-punk, do you know? — melody, substance, rock-occupation and so), and hopelessly fails, then: no matter how, tightly cling to the thing and do not let go!

A Chasm Here and Now is the long awaited debut album of Justin Stephens' (ex-Passion Play) current band WIRES & LIGHTS, on which the Berlin quartet proves superior quality, which has already been achieved at live shows, alongside for e.g. Whispering Sons, and on the long out of printPagan Love Songs Vol. 3 Compilation 2014, with an early version ofSwimming included.

A terrific updated Swimming now appears as a second harbinger after the debut single Drive, which could peak on #8 in the German Alternative Single Charts (DAC).

Band mastermind Justin comments: "This was the very first song I wrote for Wires & Lights. I could hear the mix in my head and set about recording a demo of it. As soon as I’d finished it, I knew we had something special and couldn’t wait for the four of us to record it properly in a studio. The day we recorded this during the album sessions, I just had a big grin on my facebecause I knew we’d nailed it.

The thought processes that triggered it followed on from those that made ‚Drive‘. I’d climbed out of a dark place and was back to my old self again — so what now? ‘Well, there are all these things you want to achieve and if you don’t make them happen, no-one else is going to do them for you - so get out there and light that fire. And while you’re at it, don’t lose sight of all the little things that matter and make life richer. The darkness never goes away entirely, but put it back in its place and focus on creating the light. It’s a strange feeling to be that creatively focused and driven, but to still feel thedarkest of urges lurking in the background. That’s the battle to win for me and probably always will be."

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