This past June, Vienna’s Gerald Peter of Gerald Peter Project shared his latest creation “Incremental Changes, Pt. 2” via Austrian label via GRIDMusic to follow his 2017 debut “Incremental Changes, Pt. 1”. A talented composer, keyboardist, and seaboard player, Gerald Peter Project conjures creative movements to take hold of a listener and catapult them into an imaginative musical journey.

“Incremental Changes, Pt. 2” are ten more exquisite themed tracks that feature versatile drummer Aaron Thier, Dream Theater keyboard virtuoso Jordan Rudess, and the award-winning soundtrack vocalist Julie Elven (singer on Horizon Zero Dawn, World of Warcraft OST), and the high-skilled guitarist Martin Miller. Gerald explains the album in his own words:

"It has been a huge journey, musically and in life to make this record happen. This is my best solo work so far, so I hope you enjoy listening. The best experience I think you will get with headphones and listening all the way through and maybe even close your eyes while listening. The music/composition is inspired by changes in my life, that is the reason for the album title as well and I spent endless hours in sound design, composition, and practicing for this record, so I hope you can appreciate this piece of art in all its facets."

To examine his songwriting, sound construction, and concepts deeper, Gerald Peter is sharing with fans a behind-the-scenes documentary about his process for his latest recording.

"I want to give listeners of my music the opportunity to look back behind the scenes and let them know why and how I came up with this project and album. I also want to show some musical highlights and introduce musicians I collaborated with and talk about the meaning of my album," adds Gerald.

The mini-doc can be viewed at

Fans of Dream Theater, Hans Zimmer, and Tigran Hamasyan should take special note, this is a cinematic jaunt, full of complexity and energy that awaits those curious enough to dive into this fantastic release.

Gerald Peter Project's “Incremental Changes, Pt. 2” is available via GRIDMusic.

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