Geiste has the kind of voice that will grip your soul and resonate in a way like vocal icons before her; Kate Bush, Cat Power and Lorde. They have their own unique voices that stand out in a sea of mainstream pop, and it's only a matter of time before the voice of Geiste will become a streaming favourite in the world of indie-pop music alongside these icons. She crafts her own signature sound, combining lush electronic soundscapes with beautiful poetry, endless layers of vocal harmonies, stacked to create epic moments that make your hairs stand on end.

Ashes is Geiste’s third EP written during the pandemic. Co-producer Karri Mikkonen (Sugar House Publishing) was enlisted to create the electronic world in which she could tell her story. The social climate during the pandemic brought much inspiration to Geiste, who says “I was so upset and enraged about everything going on in the world at the time and still today, that I had to find a way to express it healthily. The various uprising of the population, the climate and the way we the population listens and don’t act, minorities who struggle to be heard… I had to talk about that in my own way because everything else seemed meaningless.”

Karri Mikkonen says, “This wasn’t the first time we had planned to work together, but it was the first time the stars aligned for it to happen. We worked together on each step of the production, started a journey unveiling the true sound of Geiste. By the end of it, we found the first glimpse of it, and I find it beautiful.”

Ashes EP releases the 31st March 2023 via Emika Records, and follows two earlier cascaded single releases “Ashes” and “Immortal”.

Label owner Emika says of the forthcoming release - “The songstress knows how to hold the listener tightly. As if by magic, the beginnings of each of her songs on Ashes feel like hit singles, one has to know how it's going to unfold and listen to the final chorus like it's a sonic drug. Her music is powerful. It's the interesting duality within her, the seemingly insecure, fragile self that then gets burned alive and taken over by swells of fiery female- energy, almost as if she yearns for destruction in order to be set free. She never let go of the little child within her, telling the story through her music; of how we as children of this planet, destroy our Earth but never let go of hope in order to start again and learn to live in harmony with ourselves. Ashes, it's a beautiful third EP from a beautiful artist worth getting to know.”


“Now if JRR Tolkien had manufactured a pop star, he’d have probably come up with avant pop songstress Geiste.” (Electricity Club)

Born in the south of France, near the town of St Tropez, Geiste began writing stories and her own music at a young age. Quickly evolving from an acoustic act to a more electronic live set and starting producing her own music - Geiste quickly attracted a lot of interest from the UK music industry, including promoters such as Parallel Lines, DHP Family, Scruff of the Neck and a set at BBC Introducing Live (The Rattle Stage). In 2021 Geiste was a selected artist in the Innovation Network of European Showcases (INES#Talent) program and received the Do It Differently fund from Help Musicians UK.

Mixing electronic soundscapes, grasping drum beats and powerful lyrics, Geiste belongs to her own dark pop world influenced by artists such as Woodkid, Florence & the Machine, and film music composers Steve Jablonski and Hanz Zimmer.

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