One of the definitive voices of dance music at the turn of the millennium, Gabriel & Dresden returned in 2017, reinvigorated, with the crowd-funded album ‘The Only Road’. It was their first artist LP in over 10 years.

An indie-spirited curveball, the album was a critically acclaimed phenomenon: 17 million streams worldwide. A global tour taking in Creamfields, Burning Man, EDC, and Tomorrowland. Gabriel & Dresden’s first GRAMMY nomination courtesy of a barn-storming Cosmic Gate remix of ‘Only Road’.

Embracing their return to the manic, disorienting life of touring, the duo sought respite in the tranquility of their Spokane studio. Here, ensconced in the stillness of nature, the next chapter of the Gabriel & Dresden story was written: a new album called ‘Remedy’.

A collaborative project alongside their 650 Kickstarter backers who helped craft the project, ‘Remedy’ grows from the intimate stories of ’No One’s To Blame’ and ‘Remember’ to the invigorating, more dance floor orientated, moments ‘Coming On Strong’ and ’Something Bigger’.

There’s a unity to the narrative as well, with Sub Teal (Brittany O’Neil) providing vocals across much of the journey, punctuated with the brooding sound of Jan Burton on ‘Keep On Holding’ and fellow Spokane native Centre on ‘Remember’.

“Remedy started out as a feeling. Every time we stepped away from the city and ventured into nature, we returned rejuvenated with a strong sense of being connected to something bigger than ourselves. More at peace,” explains Dave Dresden.

“Although the meaning behind each song on the album stems from turning points in our lives, through the recording and production of the songs, they took on a character of their own.”

Once again championing the analog, indie-minded side of electronic music that has made Gabriel & Dresden such a pioneering force, ‘Remedy’ is available digitally, on CD and on vinyl now. Gabriel & Dresden are now touring ‘Remedy’ across North America, with more dates to be added:


  1. Gabriel & Dresden feat. Sub Teal - No One’s To Blame
  2. Gabriel & Dresden feat. Centre - Remember
  3. Gabriel & Dresden feat. Sub Teal - Falling Forward
  4. Gabriel & Dresden feat. Sub Teal - All I’ve Got
  5. Gabriel & Dresden feat. Jan Burton - Keep On Holding
  6. Gabriel & Dresden - Luna
  7. Gabriel & Dresden feat. Sub Teal - Will I Change
  8. Gabriel & Dresden feat. Sub Teal - Coming On Strong
  9. Gabriel & Dresden - Twelve
  10. Gabriel & Dresden feat. Sub Teal - Something Bigger
Gabriel & Dresden On Tour
  • Jan 17 - Igloofest - Montreal, CA
  • Jan 18 - Celebrities - Vancouver, CA
  • Feb 1 - Evergreen Works - Toronto, ON
  • Feb 7 - The Concourse - Knoxville, TN
  • Feb 8 - 45 East - Portland, OR
  • Feb 14 - Ravine - Atlanta, GA
  • Feb 15 - Stereo Live - Dallas, TX
  • Feb 21 - Stereo Live - Houston, TX
  • Feb 22 - Wallflower - El Paso, TX
  • Mar 7 - Analog - Brooklyn, NY
  • Mar 27 - Church Nightclub - Denver, CO
  • Mar 28 - Cedar Street Courtyard - Austin, TX
  • Apr 3 - REV Ultra Lounge - Minneapolis, MN
  • Apr 4 - Sound Bar - Chicago, IL
  • Apr 10 - Great Northern - San Francisco, CA
  • Apr 11 - Exchange - Los Angeles, CA

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