You betcha! Glamour Hammer drops heavy backbeat thriller with a spooky theme just in time for Halloween. While this tricky treat might have a somewhat different flavour from previous releases it still pays homage to the good ol’ days, as it borrows from early dance hall and sound system, and mixes it with his own sense of catchy pop, melancholy and overall quirkiness.

Dressed up in the horror-themed wordplay is yet another love song dealing with the subject of “ghosting” - the truly haunting experience of being ignored by a love partner, about losing oneself in grief and obsession, slowly turning into a howling ghoul. A real life horror show! The song is accompanied as always by a Glamour Hammer produced music video. (check it out here: A Grindhouse inspired zombie-flick featuring the hammer himself portraying a restless corpse that stumbles through the autumn night.

Glamour Hammer introduced himself by releasing the enchanting slow disco ballad 'Stay With Me' last year and has kept under the radar. Following his debut single, he's also released the single ’Really Over’, a song that takes you on a sunny road trip leaning more toward a yacht rock vibe than the debut. This summer he released a Nu Disco remix from Oliver Nelson, and just recently released his nu-disco infused, hot and sticky 'Jungle of Love'-single and video. The 'Jungle of Love'-single and 'I'm a Ghost' will both be featured on his upcoming EP 'Tropical suite. pt. 19. Then in time for Christmas this will be fllowed by an original track planned for the compilation Too Slow To Disco presents: Modern Daytime Disco released by City Slang (alongside ie. Kraak & Smaak, Poolside, Prep, Yuksek, Luxxury) and promise a very productive 2021.

Glamour Hammer taps in to the sound palette of the late 70’s and early 80’s through an eclectic blend of disco, rock and soul smothering you with a gust of nostalgia. We can expect to hear more from this creator this year and with this release we finally get a glimpse of the face behind the hammer.

The new single 'I'm A Ghost' is released Oct. 30 via Icons Creating Evil Art. Boooo!

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