We're happy to have SLAM for the premiere of the new single and videoHidden Berries from freak-folker Kenneth Minor! Hidden Berries is the second single from new album On My Own, out September 20, 2019 on Unique Records (Blackberries, Love Machine, Suzan Köcher...).

The award-winning documentary by French actress Mélanie Laurent"Tomorrow - the world is full of solutions" inspired main man Bird Christiani to write the lyrics for Hidden Berries. The film shows various projects and initiatives worldwide with alternative ecological, economic and democratic ideas as well as solutions and sparks an incredible hope and a pleasant sense of community.

Despite the serious concern expressed in the lyrics, neither the music nor the video lacks lightness and humor. One reason is that courage, hope and humor get along pretty well. Another reason for this kind of musical and visual implementation, however, is that the seriousness of the climate crisis in the public presentation is deliberately denied or trivialized, or glossed over, because sometimes it is just unbearable.

The song was recorded with three voices of equal loudness (Hannah Paularsen, Athena Isabella, Bird Christiani), Florian Helleken on drums, Bird Christiani on guitar, Andreas Lüttke on bass and Maximilian Schneider (Okta Logue, Fooks Nihil) as another guest on the piano.

The hymn-like character of the song instantly inspired Christiani to present it on stage with many friends, which finally took place on October 27, 2018 as the grand finale of the sold out musical spectacle that he had initiated at Schlachthof Wiesbaden under the motto "Circus Collective". Seven bands (including Okta Logue, Kenneth Minor, Fooks Nihil) together celebrated this song. An idea that several people could follow.

The video was shot within a day by Mike Krebs in Mallorca, Spain.

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