We're happy to have our friends of Everything Is Noise hosting the premiere of the new single and video Happy Man from German freak-folker Kenneth Minor! Kenneth Minor - Happy Man (official video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTPW5iKyBTM&feature=youtu.be

The song title Happy Man already summarizes what it's all about. About being happy. It remains to be seen whether this is viewed from a purely male or from a general human point of view, or whether both points of view are to be evaluated simultaneously. The text describes in a metaphorical way the state of a love relationship which, at least for the moment of writing and from the perspective of the songwriter, seems to be harmonious - and permanently oriented.

The danceable, driving and largely constant beat pulsates in the beats of two hearts and celebrates the desire for stability and courageous progress. The up-tempo folk song, which has been beat-heavy and powerfully staged from the very beginning, has the potential to hypnotically drill into the earcups of the listener.

Elementary are the striking, riff-heavy, alternately plucked and percussively struck acoustic guitar - carried by the rhythmic filigran playful - idiosyncratic driving drums and the minimalistic-monotone-melodic bass movement, which form a solid foundation and thus underline the intention of the lyrics.

The musical arrangement of Happy Man focused on the essentials and the sparse instrumentation radiate a healthy lightness on the one hand and yet a melancholic undertone shines through at all times.

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