Today, Hood River, Oregon's alt-pop pride and joy flor are riding out the joy of independence with the release of their new single "Warm Blood Pt 2." With the song's precursor dating back to their 2016 debut album come out. you're hiding, part two wasn't initially created as a follow up. But as the band began writing with the intent of creating something as rapturous as the original, things started to fall in place — Stream.

Lead singer Zach Grace shares,“When we got together to start working on ‘Warm Blood Pt 2’ we were trying to make a song that felt as euphoric as ‘Warm Blood’ did when we played it live. We wanted to compose a new song with that inspiration in mind.”

He continues, “It didn’t dawn on us that the perfect name for the song was ‘Warm Blood Pt 2’ until we were all sitting together around Thanksgiving and talking about how perfectly the songs fit together. The lyrics even tied themselves perfectly to the consequence of a choice made in the video game that heavily inspired ‘Warm Blood.’ It's about the collateral damage of love.”

flor closed out 2023 releasing “Same Color as the Sun”, quickly seeing it praised by Rolling Stone and Ones to Watch. Soon after, the single began taking off at Triple A radio, with early support at at 91x, KVYN, WWCD, WERS, KLRR, KQCJ, KROQ, KITS, WAQX, WNRN, Sirius XM/Spectrum. Last week, the single was given an official video to accompany it — Watch.

Also at the end of last year, flor joined their friends in The Maine for a massive North American tour, selling out almost every single date. Over the coming months, flor will continue to ride their current wave of inspiration with lots of new music on the way.


flor finds light in the promise of a new day. The Hood River, OR trio—Zach Grace (vocals, guitar), Dylan Bauld (bass), and Kyle Hill (drums)—excavate unshakable melodies from jubilant synths, buoyant beats, and lush guitars as they relay a coming-of-age story all their own.

The story began as high school kids playing in a garage. The band quietly generated hundreds of millions of streams in the wake of their 2016 debut come out. you’re hiding. In 2019, ley lines only accelerated their momentum buoyed by tracks including “white noise,” “slow motion,” and “dancing around.” Critical acclaim followed from NYLON, Billboard, Paste, and Ones To Watch who hailed the album as “an exhilarating balancing act.”

They concluded a successful headline tour at the top of 2020 only to face the harsh reality of the Global Pandemic with the rest of us. Once it became safe enough to do so, the musicians congregated back in Los Angeles at Dylan’s studio for a series of writing sessions. This time around, they built the bulk of the songs face-to-face together inspired by favorite records from the likes of MGMT, Phoenix, The Killers, and M83. The result was their 2022 third full-length album, Future Shine which won over the praise of Rolling Stone, AltPress, and many others.

After taking some time to evaluate who they want to be creatively, flor is now back and more refreshed than they’ve ever been. The end of last year saw the release of “Same Color as the Sun” as the band joined The Maine for a massive North American tour

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