The Nashville-based indie outfit Flight Attendant have released a brand new single today entitled ‘Honeysweet’, an anthemic song with a dreamy introduction that opens out into a euphoric and memorable chorus. Lead singer and keyboardist Karalyne Winegarner explains that its lyric “is about taking the bitter taste out of life, by being there for your friends to get them past the tough moments and see the good life around them.”

An accompanying performance video is intercut with footage of her and viola player Nikki Christie larking around, Thelma & Louise style, to which Winegarner adds: “As two women starting their journey as professional musicians, we get feedback about our body image, how well we play together, our dancing abilities on name it. It's enough to send the most confident human being running for retreat. We are determined to not just get past the negativity, but to build from it, take it all in and improve so that we can be the best versions of ourselves. However, you can't do that alone. You gotta have friends.”

‘Honeysweet’ is the latest single to be lifted from the long-awaited and self-titled debut album by Flight Attendant, which is out on 30th September and contains thirteen songs that add viola, piano and synth to the standard guitars/bass/drums mix, with electrifying results. It includes songs that range from the shimmering ‘Paradise’ and exuberant ‘Crybaby’ to the thought-provoking ‘Comedy Show’ and ethereal slow-burner ‘Phosphorescent (Fine Line)', and from the post-punk earworm ‘dogs’ to a solemn rendition of the Americana/blues classic ‘In The Pines’.

Two other album songs, the pulsatingly hypnotic ‘Man Of Chaos’ and hauntingly reflective ‘Golden Gun’, appear in the noir mystery thriller ‘Find Her’, which will be available from 1st October on multiple platforms including Amazon. A trailer for it can be seen HERE

Karalyne Winegarner (lead vocals, keyboards, from Kansas City) met Vinny Maniscalco (guitar, vocals, from Boston) while working together at a restaurant in Nashville, with Nikki Christie (viola, vocals, from LA) starting to work there soon after. It didn’t take too many nights of working/drinking together before they decided to form a band. Adding long-time buddy Derek Sprague (drums, also from Boston), the line-up was complete and they soon began playing live and recording.


TurnUpTheVolume have described Flight Attendant as “Warpaint having a dance with Best Coast”, while they have also been compared to iconic artists such as Lana Del Rey, No Doubt and even Fleetwood Mac. The group have been ready for take-off globally since before the pandemic and have a first European tour booked to promote their album, which has been produced by Grammy Award-winning engineer and producer Charles Yingling, who states that “Flight Attendant are at their best when we just roll the tape using our 1978 Trident console

1 Man Of Chaos (3:36)
2 dogs (2:51)
3 Cotton Candy (3:47)
4 Fresh Gasoline (2:57)
5 Teach Me How To Lie (3:24)
6 Paradise (2:45)
7 Honeysweet (3:53)
8 Phosphorescent (Fine Line) (3:35)
9 Crybaby (3:07)
10 Comedy Show (3:07)
11 I Like You (2:37)
12 Golden Gun (2:58)
13 In The Pines (3:47)


  • 02.11.22 LEIPZIG (DE) Ilses Erika
  • 03.11.22 BERLIN (DE) Roadrunners Paradise
  • 04.11.22 COTTBUS (DE) Galerie Fango
  • 05.11.22 SLAVONICE (CZ) Inst. Sklep
  • 06.11.22 ŽATEC (CZ) Theatre
  • 07.11.22 MOST (CZ) Benedikt
  • 08.11.22 KLADNO (CZ) Library
  • 11.11.22 ZNOJMO (CZ ) Na Vecn
  • 12.11.22 REGAN (DE) Obserstübchen
  • 16.11.22 KLAGENFURT (AT) Hafenstadt
  • 17.11.22 VIENNA (AT) B72
  • 18.11.22 MÜNCHEN (DE) Lost Weekend
  • 19.11.22 NEU ULM (DE) Das Gold
  • 20.11.22 OFFENBACH (DE) Hafen 2
  • 21.11.22 BAMBERG (DE) Live Club
  • 24.11.22 OLDENBURG (DE) Polyester Klub
  • 25.11.22 EINBECK (DE) Backpackers Inn
  • 26.11.22 SAARBRÜCKEN (DE) Terminus
  • 28.11.22 AACHEN (DE) Domkeller
  • 01.12.22 HAMBURG (DE) Deichdiele
  • 02.12.22 HAMBURG (DE) BelaMi

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