Finnish Tampere-based alternative stoner rock band Rückwater is set to release their second studio album Bored Machine later this year. The first single Homo Economicus is released today and it's available on most streaming services:

The band comments: "The new song "Homo Economicus" by Rückwater strikes straight to the heart with its gritty and straightforward style. In this track, progressive rock and stoner rock merge into a powerful musical storm that grabs you and prompts the listener to contemplate the role of humanity and its relationship with the surrounding world. The energy and rough sound of the song create an intense atmosphere that will linger in your mind.

Rückwater's expression is direct and honest, without unnecessary embellishments. The band's music invites you on a journey where you can momentarily forget yourself and fully immerse yourself in the power of the sounds. Step out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to be engulfed in Rückwater's world."

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