Before taking the stage at Tuska Metal Festival 2024 on Saturday, SulfuriS is offering a taste of their upcoming debut album. Shatterpoint, out May 16th, is a bombastic track full of high-octane beats, merciless shredding, and blood curdling screams. It warns against repeating a painful chapter in history from almost a century ago.

LISTEN Shatterpoint single:

"Shatterpoint is about the violent rise of fascism and the loss of a shared sense of reality. It details aspects of the far-right's playbook. And where those games may lead. Shatterpoint is a stage from whence it will be difficult, or impossible, to return. When all that we've built together lies on the floor in broken shards. Lest we take too hard a particular political stance, the song at least is of the controversial opinion, that perhaps humans come in a variety of forms. And that maybe all those different people have a right to exist in society". - says lyricist and SulfuriS vocalist Vincent Lilium.

Later this summer, yet still before the band's performance at Tuska Metal Festival, they'll release one more single. Then finally, a full-length debut album, CORPUS//ANIMUS out on August 2nd via Inverse Records. The record is themed around exploring the material and spiritual worlds, through the framework of alchemy. It promises to be brutal, technical, filled with catchy hooks, grandiose as well as soothing moments.

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