Magnadur, the fierce melodic death metal project hailing from Turku, Finland, has unleashed their latest sonic assault with the debut of "Under The Dome." Known for their brutal vocals, hard-hitting drums, and heavy guitar riffs, Magnadur continues to push boundaries in the realms of death and dark melodic metal.

Behind the metal journey of Magnadur stands Tomi Perrakoski, renowned for his Metal Madness Weekly podcast, now channeling his passion into creating heavier and more brutal compositions while maintaining a melodic core. Inspired by the TV series "Under the Dome," Perrakoski pays homage to his family legacy, particularly his grandfather, Harry Bergström, the first Finnish movie music composer, whose influence echoes in every note of the track.

"I made the cover using my imagination," says Perrakoski. "I am thrilled to unveil this new era of Magnadur with 'Under The Dome,' leading up to the release of 'Dog of Baskerville' on June 28. These singles pave the way for our best album yet, slated for September 6, titled 'Unholy Punisher.'"

"Under The Dome" combines experimental and dark noise elements with classic death metal aesthetics, promising a listening experience that is both intense and unforgettable. Fans can expect a relentless onslaught of sound that captures the essence of the TV series while bearing the unmistakable imprint of Magnadur's evolving musical identity.

"Under The Dome":

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