Alias Noone is a melodic death metal band from Helsinki, Finland. They mix styles of metal to create their own brand of metal music. Band's music is full of Finnish melancholy and heaviness that will make your spine tingle. Their first single "Shadowkeep" from the upcoming debut album is a song about the darkness that lives in some of us and the price for our actions. We're not sure if the narrative is happening inside the mind of the murderer. In this case you don't know who wins or loses this twisted fight.

The debut album "Weight of the World" was recorded during 2023-24 at the D-Studios in multiple sessions. The album contains 8 songs that are powerful and melodic without losing the Alias Noone signature heavyness and groove. All the songs contain so much more hooks than before. Every song tells you something about the weight of the world and the things that are pushing us down in modern society.

The production is top notch and the sound is bigger than in Alias Noone's previous releases.

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“We wanted to push the sound as big as possible without losing the things that make us sound the way we do” tells the band. the synths and programming is done by Jarno Hänninen from the band Dead End Finland. Jarno is the producer and engineer as well. “We wanted to bring some more melody to the songs and Jarno was the right man for the job. We also brought in Saara Nurmela to do some vocals in few of the songs. She has such a great range so we got so much more textures in the lead and backing vocals” Saara is featured in the songs Shadowkeep, Left Behind and Final Salute.

When asked about who will love the album, the band tells that the sound is a mixture of Dark Tranquillity, Insomnium, In Flames, Amorphis, Sentenced and more without sounding exactly any of them. “We think our sound is ours, but if you want to put a label on it then the more melodic side of melodic death metal is the closest. There are so much different things in our songs but metal fans will love the album."

Alias Noone's guitarist Janne Öysti passed away unexpectedly after the album was finished, so the band dedicates the upcoming release to his memory and loved ones.

"Rest in peace brother." - Alias Noone

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