Legendary independent New York-based rock label Equal Vision Records and Nova Charisma are excited to announce the Friday, August 9 release of Metropolitan, the experimental rock trio’s forthcoming debut album (pre-order/pre-save/pre-add HERE). After the release of numerous singles and EPs, the members of Nova Charisma — Donovan Melero (Hail The Sun, Sianvar, Kill Iconic), Sergio Medina (Blue Swan Records, Eidola, Stolas, Sianvar) and Carlo Marquez (Stolas, Kill Iconic, Diver) — at long last offer up a 10-song collection of glossy and atmospheric post-hardcore that is led by the album opener “Smoking Gun At The Metropolitan,” a rollicking tug-of-war between two different beings. Stream “Smoking Gun At The Metropolitan” on YouTube HERE and on all platforms HERE.

Sergio Medina and Donovan Melero have worked diligently throughout their careers to earn reputations as hard rock innovators. Medina’s next level guitar work and intricate arrangements in Stolas were integral to the band’s status as a beloved cult favorite and pivotal to the expansion of progressive rock. Melero has led Hail The Sun to a revered position at the forefront of the scene built on musical dynamism and a knack for raw, emotional connectivity. When the longtime friends came together as members of the experimental rock supergroup, Sianvar, a partnership was forged that pushed the boundaries of what was possible in the genre. With the official addition of drummer Carlo Marquez, the artistic limitations each of these members always bucked against in their side & previous projects are simply specks in their rearview through the creative endeavor known as Nova Charisma.

For Medina, Nova Charisma offers the chance to challenge himself as a writer outside of the technical proficiency of his signature style as he aimed to craft songs built around simpler instrumentation and arrangements. Melero also finds new challenges with Nova Charisma as it offers him a clean slate on which to write. He was able to create a new persona for the project that explored a different side of his own personality, both lyrically and melodically.

Songs about following one’s intuition and not allowing our pasts define our futures to the act of finding our personal purpose in life, Metropolitan, the forthcoming debut album from Nova Charisma, is heavily built on an unwavering pursuit of artistic exploration. Primary songwriters Medina and Melero both commonly found strength in writing with another artist that shared their commitment to being “in this for life,” which in turn allowed them to explore new territories without fear and color this entire introductory showcase with lush soundscapes and introspective commentary

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