Duplicate Records proudly presents the debut album of Swedish atmospheric black metal band ENDLYSET, whose debut album Beholders will be out on analog LP and digital formats on October 7th, 2022.

ENDLYSET is a new black metal band from Sweden. Their debut EP, Tusen År, was released digitally in 2020, and the follow-up, Beholders is now ready. Six tracks of apocalyptic, yet atmospheric black metal that both incorporate clean vocals and keyboards without losing that original Swedish touch.

ENDLYSET first began to crystallize in the autumn of 2017, as multi-instrumentalist and vocalist M was working on a track for his solo project IHS. Being in a particularly dark place at the time, contemplating death and eternity, and with what felt like a black cloud of unknowing before him, he molded all those feelings into music and named the track Endlyset. ‘End’ refers to all things ending, and ‘lyset’ (the light) represents the light, beckoning, at the other side of existence.

M: «in 2019, A, whom I had known since his adolescence and knew to be a talented guitarist with a similar frame of mind as my own, was invited to play guitar on a track I was working on. What started out as a session soon grew into the two of us sharing philosophies and combining our personal anguish, will, grit, torment and longing into a musical vision. Expressing and conveying a journey of defiance through an ending world towards finally standing before the threshold of the unknown, not bent, but burning and rigidly upright. That is Endlyset.»

In addition to the traditional black metal instrumentation of guitars, bass, drums and harsh vocals, Endlyset also incorporates synth, as well as clean vocals. In contrast to most bands utilizing clean vocals to merely add another melodic aspect though, M takes it a few steps further: «my use of clean vocals and chants are just unhinged expressions of what I feel like doing as to release and deliver what I feel. If I find a sound, tone, or timbre that strikes my fancy I will use it, be it for vocals, synth, drums or what have you. I listen to a lot of different music and I believe there are ideas and inspirations to be found in most genres. Gregorian chants, ambient, country, delta blues, dark jazz; there’s always something to be found if you know what you’re after.»

Also finding inspiration in more familiar territory, bands such as Dissection, Ascension, Fields Of The Nephilim and Urfaust have been a huge inspiration. The atmosphere and dark, cold melodies that take you to a different dimension have been an important part of writing and composing songs for Endlyset.

The recording of Beholders was done by the band themselves at studio Mausoleum in H’s house during 2020 / early 2021.

The album was mixed and mastered by the talented sound engineer Christoffer Borg in Gothenburg.

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