REAPER ENTERTAINMENT proudly announces the signing of the German Symphonic-Metal-NewcomersELVELLON. From its inception in 2010 on the quintet has stirred up the scene and has enthralled both its growing fan base as well as the music press with a captivating blend of catching guitars, thunderous drums and magnificent orchestration.

Now that the first deal with the aspiring label Reaper Entertainment is inked, the course for Elvellon's conquest is set. Symphonic metal aficionados: Brace yourselves for the definite debut album of the year!

The band states:
"Our music and our aspiration to make the very best of it always took all of our hearts and souls. Since the very beginning of Elvellon the steps we have taken became bigger and heavier. With Reaper Entertainment Europe we are sure that we found the right teammates who share the same passion for music as we do. From now on we will take all future steps together."

Greg from REAPER adds:
"It finally happened! More than proud we can finally welcome one of the most promissing symphonic-metal bands and call ELVELLON a part of the REAPER family. It is an honour for us, to have the chance to release their first upcoming album and to achieve great things with the band. We all agree that ELVELLON have everything, to be tomorrow's heros! Full of confidence we look into an eventful future...Watch out! "

More about ELVELLON:

Bombastic Symphonic Metal made in Germany: Elvellon are about to take the world by storm!

As a result, renowned national magazines such as Orkus and Sonic Seducer took notice of the highly promising youngsters early on, while German Metal Hammer magazine even dubbed them “heroes of tomorrow”. Through their first online singles `Oraculum´ (2013) and `Born From Hope´ (2015) – which was accompanied by a masterfully crafted video clip by Mirko Witzki (Any Given Day, Caliban, Deadlock) that almost reached one million views on YouTube within the first year – the band proved that all premature praise had been well-deserved. The 2015 release of their self-produced 5-track EP “Spellbound” marked the first milestone of their career that sent critics from all over Europe into rapture. Live on stage, the synergy of Elvellon's powerfully performed soundscapes and vocalist Nele's angelic voice always strikes home, too, with the result of a variety of celebrated festival gigs over the recent past, including a show at prestigious German M'era Luna Festival.

The new album release is set for spring 2018.

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