Eloise Viola has announced her debut album Glasshouse out May 10th 2024. It is available to pre-order digitally here and on vinyl here. Marking the announcement Eloise has made the brand new song ‘Delicate’ available for fans to stream and download alongside pre-orders of the album.

The featherlight, Robyn-esque ‘Delicate’ holds a special place in her heart. Written during a particularly low point, it helped her see sense. Created during writing trips to LA and Nashville, Eloise questioned whether the grind of the music industry was really worth it. She was asking herself “At what point is resilience just stupidity?”, but after laying down these thoughts in ‘Delicate’ she came back feeling rejuvenated, which is reflected in its bright synth pop chorus of sparkling clarity.

Regarding the single Eloise says, “This song is so important to me because its creation inspired me to keep going. It's a message to myself. I know what I'm like – when something bad happens I just retreat immediately, and now because I know myself so well, I can now see that happening and it's a reminder that you have to tell people when you're feeling delicate.”

Eloise Viola’s debut album Glasshouse is a passionate pop record from the London-based singer, songwriter and vocal powerhouse which shares her messages of self-love, self-empowerment and hard-won independent strength.

Written and created in LA, Nashville and London, its thirteen songs – influenced by the likes of Griff, Becky Hill and Holly Humberstone – chart Eloise Viola's journey from battles with body issues, mental health and loss of confidence, through to the strong, powerful woman she is today, keen to pass on what she's learned along the way.

It's there on previous single ‘Listen’, which reflects on the decision to listen to her own instincts via a joyful electro-pop bounce. Regarding the single Eloise says, “Listen is about learning to trust yourself and your body. It’s about the conflict that sometimes arises between your head and your heart, and when that ‘gut feeling’ is trying to tell you something: listen to it.”

Fans have also had a taste of the forthcoming album with the single ‘Electricity’, the propulsive dancefloor love song which proved a widespread hit achieving strong radio support including BBC Radio 2, BBC Introducing on Radio 1, as well as plays across Latin America, while also topping the fan voted chart at EDM Radio Spain for five months.

As Glasshouse began to take shape, Eloise found the songs started to build a story which followed a journey of her own personal healing. Songs like bluesy ‘999’ and soaring ‘Lifetime’ showcase some of the darker sides of that journey.

“You can't have the ups without the downs,” she says. “It's about telling the story. I guess back then I did need saving. I'd had difficulties with eating and control around eating, and obsessive calorie counting, and that had come to a head at University.”

The disco-y title track, ‘Glasshouse’, tackles her issues with disordered eating and was inspired by a specific article celebrating the return of heroin chic, a 90s fashion trend that seemed to celebrate painfully skinny bodies.

“It felt like such a metaphor for the album – the transparency and vulnerability,” she continues. “Glass is strong and see through, but can also be fragile. The house is this idea that your mind and your body are your home and you need to treat it kindly, and delicately.”

The release of Glasshouse will also be accompanied by a multi-episode podcast Glasshouse: Laid Bare, allowing Eloise to explore the themes on the album in-depth for her fans. In this documentary style podcast, Eloise shares the unfiltered stories behind how these songs marked her lowest points, and the lessons that lifted her onto a path to healing, self-empowerment and self-love. It’s heart-warming, insightful and you can laugh along with her honest recollection of the ups and downs of her personal life and career.

Using interviews with the writers and producers of the album across the Atlantic, which include a multi-platinum songwriter and fellow independent artists, and by speaking to an eating disorder specialist, counsellor and a celebrity stylist, Eloise reveals what it's really like behind the curtain as an independent artist, and to be a woman in her twenties in our society. The podcast will be released along with the album in May.

The powerful messaging of Eloise Viola continues to shine off record through her live performances, which have recently see her tour across Europe with Anastacia and perform at a number of Pride events including the main stage at Pride London.

With Glasshouse, Eloise Viola is projecting from the heart a crystal-clear vision of honest healing through a shimmering glisten of upbeat pop. The inclusive captivating record is sure to inspire and reinvigorate listeners around the world in 2024.


  1. Electricity
  2. Listen
  3. 999
  4. Paper
  5. Hunger
  6. Lifetime
  7. Delicate
  8. Glasshouse
  9. Spaceship
  10. Alone
  11. Easy
  12. Moments
  13. Higher

Digital Album pre-save: https://onerpm.link/Glasshouse-Eloise-Viola
Vinyl pre-order: https://www.diggersfactory.com/vinyl/315101/eloise-viola-glasshouse

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