Ella van der Woude releases album 'Solo Piano' in Japan. Swiss-Dutch soundtrack composer makes majestic piano ambient album

Swiss-Dutch musician, songwriter and composer Ella van der Woude released her new album ‘Solo Piano’ on Snowstar Records today, after already releasing ‘Bye Bye Little House’ and ‘Sol Mineur’ which are both featured on the record. The album is released in Japan as well, via Inpartmaint Inc. To celebrate the release Van der Woude released a video for album track ‘Strange Dreams’. The album is now available everywhere, and can be ordered in the Snowstar webshop. With each physical copy comes the sheet music for single ‘Bye Bye Little House’.

The new piano-based album by Van der Woude was recorded in solitude in a tiny Amsterdam apartment, a room that’s has been her home for the majority of her creative life. This tiny room, along with the accompanying ambience of birds, TVs, rain and traffic, needed to be safely stored within Van der Woude’s memory to move onto the next chapter of her life. In the album’s minimalistic environment, the Swiss-Dutch musician and composer shows a full range of emotions in her playing: from majestic, grand moods to tranquil, ambient reflections. It was her intent to document the space itself as much as the melodies, highlighting not just the piano’s beautiful exterior, but its clandestine anatomic imperfections as well.

Ella van der Woude, living in Amsterdam, is a Swiss-Dutch musician, songwriter and composer. She is a versatile artist who, after having stopped performing in bands, has been scoring films for five years now. In 2019 she composed the soundtrack of Halina Reijn's 'Instinct' and Ena Sendijarevic's 'Take Me Somewhere Nice'; films that both won international prizes. In 2016 Van der Woude produced a dream pop / triphop EP under the name ELLA with Stew Jackson (Massive Attack, Phantom Limb) and in 2011 the debut album of indie pop band Houses was released on [PIAS].

Van der Woude about the release: “I’m so glad that my shy and nightly record is about to see some light! I believe it is best experienced on headphones, and I’d encourage anyone to bring it along for a night stroll, for a bath or any other unhurried moment alone. I hope you’ll find something in it.”

‘Solo Piano’ is available now on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer and Bandcamp, and is available in the Snowstar Webshop. You can watch the video for ‘Strange Dreams’ on YouTube.

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