Eli Hurts, the project from songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Eli Hirsch (courtship), has released a new single and music video for the song “Runts” out today via Rude Records.

"When I played this riff for the first time I was sure I stole it,” says Eli on the new song. “I don’t think I did, but who knows. I love this song. I really wish I wasn't a runt, and in some areas, I’m not but in many I am. there's not much to do about it except embrace it. and find other runts. and take over the world. I love you my runts".

“Runts” follows “The Best”, a track that was released last year. It was the first new release since signing to Rude Records in early 2021 and can be streamed at https://music.ruderecords.com/thebest.

Fans can stream Eli’s catalogue, which includes his debut EP "Future Accountants of America, Unite" as well as recent singles “TOO MUCH” and “Full of Life (Bella Says, f#%k it!) today at https://music.ruderecords.com/elihurtslanding

With help from producer Ethan Gruska (Phoebe Bridgers, Fiona Apple, Adam Melchor), Future Accountants of America, Unite exemplifies the blend of alternative, pop, punk, emo and synth music that has influenced Eli Hurts.

"This EP is a love letter to all fellow dweebazoids. Every song on it pretty much sounds different. I don't care, I like it”, shares Eli on the recently released collection of songs. “I'm sick of shit having to be on brand. It’s exhausting to maintain and predictable and that's my rant”.

While on the road with courtship, Eli was working through “the big break up” and a recent diagnosis of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. “But not the kind where you need things to be tidy in your space - the kind where you have obsessive thoughts”, he shares. Those obsessive thoughts quickly became scribbles in a notebook that eventually sparked the idea for Eli Hurts.

Influenced by a wide range of artists like My Chemical Romance, 100 gecs, Steven Sondheim, Smashing Pumpkins, Lil Peep and Weezer, Eli Hurts is set to put sometimes frantic and obsessive thoughts into music that is instantly relatable.

Music Video Eli Hurts - Runts (Official Music Video) - YouTube

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