Singer songwriter Ed Tattersall has unveiled the first music from his upcoming debut album – a 2 track digital single comprising of original track ‘Never Believe’ along with a cover of the Gorillaz hit single ‘Clint Eastwood’.

Both tracks have been created by Ed alongside hit songwriter/record producer Jamie Petrie (JP), who discovered his early tracks and approached Ed. After being invited to perform at one of JP’s legendary parties the two took a slightly inebriated stroll, and over a whiskey and a cigarette they began plans to develop Ed’s sound and begin writing what has become Ed’s first album.

“The first recording of ‘Never Believe’ had a distinctive Jonny Cash melancholic vibe to it,”explains Ed, “but this evolved over time, and we’ve finished with a punchy and upbeat tune which better reflects the story we’re telling. It is essentially a song about unbreakable love and human resilience.”

Ed’s cover of ‘Clint Eastwood’ is a dramatic reinterpretation, bringing a whole new mood to the hugely familiar original.

“We worked on this adaptation for ages,” continues Ed. “I think JP actually spent 12 days tightening the piano part alone. We wanted to create a different landscape, with darker and more emotional undertones. For as long as I remember, Gorillaz have been on my personal playlists, ‘Clint Eastwood’ especially. It's been an amazing process reworking this tune into my own style with JP, and growing it into something seriously different from the original.”

These two songs showcase what a striking new talent multi-instrumentalist Ed Tattersall is, with a rasping, soulful voice and a truly atmospheric approach to melody. He will be announcing live shows soon – stay tuned for further new music too.

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