Brussels-based Echo Collective’s rich textures and arrangements have elevated everything from Hollywood soundtracks to live dance performances to studio albums. The ensemble has forged an enviable reputation in the post-classical world: sought out for their instrumental and arranging expertise by icons such as A Winged Victory For The Sullen and the late Jóhann Jóhannsson, or lending their interpretative intuition to genres as diverse as alt.rock, synth-pop and black metal. Finally, an album of their own material, The See Within, confirms Echo Collective are equally inspired creators, using their past accomplishments as a springboard to a new, illuminating vision. From brief, singular themes to lengthier, shifting and questing episodes, this masterclass in composition, expression and technique bridges intimacy and grandeur in line with the most rewarding of post-classical works.

“To ‘See Within’ means to look inside of ourselves and access our most intimate and personal feelings. Many years of performing together and searching collectively in this way allowed this piece to emerge simply and elegantly.”

Echo Collective’s third single, The See Within is a gentle dialogue between harp and cello. The title track from their debut album of original material expresses the ensemble’s uttermost syntony and alignment. After many years of working as collaborators, Echo Collective developed an astute musical communication amongst themselves with each member intuitively knowing how and when to play their part. Inspired by Belgian contemporary choreographer Lisbeth Gruwez’ piece, The See Within is a testament to this unforced interaction, an exchange of emotion and energy that flows softly and with ease.


  • 6/11, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels

Listen to the track HERE.

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