Amsterdam based indie folk artist and singer-songwriter Tenfold will release her debut album on February 19th. Reply To All was written and produced with Marnix Dorrestein (Ciao Lucifer, winner Edison Classical) at studio ¥€$ in Amsterdam. The new single Danny is out now.

Reply To All describes the road to her independency in a collection of eleven autobiographical songs. The theme of things passing and the art of letting go are complemented with hopeful songs that describe lust for life, self-reliance, being inspired by others and friendship. With her comforting and consoling voice Tenfold tries to soften the imperfections of life.

“With this record I tried to let go of my urge to control everything in life so I could enjoy the making process. I have always had difficulty with letting my dogs of the leash and within this collaboration I wanted to do just that. Coming back from a four-month solo trip to New Zealand I walked straight into a break-up. My life took a completely different turn and out of this feeling of free fall, the record was made quite instinctively.” - says Tenfold.

After the demo phase, Tenfold dared to breathe new life into her songs and completely trusted the musicians she worked with. In addition to the familiar acoustic guitar, you can also hear synthesizers, clarinet solos, drum computers, harmony vocals, interesting song structures and fresh guitar sounds on this album.

The album is called Reply To All because many of Tenfolds songs can be interpreted as an answer to existing works by artists such as Bon Iver, The Tallest Man on Earth, Tennis, The Last Shadow Puppets, Kanye West and even the musical Grease. For example, Nine Square is an answer to Bon Iver's 8 circle, the song Tennis is inspired by a song from the band Tennis and Response To Rivers is an answer to Rivers from The Tallest Man on Earth. In this last case Tenfold returns a message of hope in response to a song that is about the pain of abandonment and lasting desire: "I guess it's true, no one's gonna take care of your heart, but you."

Tenfold's musical preference also shows itself in Danny, as the song is an answer to the song Sandy from the musical Grease. “In 2017 I drove to France in my mother's car to work on a bunch of new songs for a week. It was my mother who still had the CD of Grease in the car, the musical I devoured as a teenager. When I heard the song ‘Sandy’ during this nostalgic car ride, I decided that I also wanted to make a track that would be as quirky and fun like Sandy. The observing listener will most likely hear similarities.”

Tineke Hussaarts has been performing under the name Tenfold since 2014. Tenfold has released two independent EPs, played the regular support of Lucky Fonz III during his In Je Nakie tour, performed at Oerol festival and formed an all-female band, with which she is currently touring the country despite COVID-19.

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