After an EP, two albums, most recently ‘Moments of Bliss’ from 2019, and several tours in Europe amongst those as support for Drab Majesty and King Dude, DUNE MESSIAH aka singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Magnus W. Jespersen is back with the new single 'Privileged'.

'Privileged' is a shoegazy banger with reminiscences of the grand 90’s productions. A haunting synth melody is lazily interwoven with aggressive and captivating percussion sounds. Suddenly, one is struck by the narrating Jespersen's whispering bedroom vocals, that intimately reads aloud, what Jespersen explains is an excerpt from a diary written many years ago. The text piece is a stream of thoughts and a reflection on a personal experience that left deep marks in Jespersen’s life. He elaborates:

"“The process of writing the song was enormously lengthy and there are many versions of it on a hard drive somewhere. I came across a few pages in an old diary that I have lying around. I experienced something quite unsettling in my early twenties that shook me to my core. This diary quote is a reflection on the meaninglessness of personal trauma in the bigger picture, but should also be seen as an insight into a young person's way of thinking ”.

‘Privileged’ is the first in a line of new songs from a larger body of work, which DUNE MESSIAH will share in the coming months. One can hear the new single, more new and also older songs, when DUNE MESSIAH performs at Loppen in Copenhagen on June 4th - tickets can be purchased HERE.

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