They used to be a “Brooklyn band”. They got married, moved to the Vermont woods, and built a studio in a two-hundred-year-old barn that they named ‘Freelandia’. They grow marijuana, like country and American indie rock, and they are never going back again. Appearing from that haze of love and hash with an ounce of creative clarity that’s ripe for public consumption, the couple are pleased to present: “Lemon Trees”.


Their debut single, if you want to call it that, is a laid-back, love-lorn, little peach of a song. Or lemon even. Think J Mascis and Hope Sandoval sharing a spliff on a dusky night, waxing lyrical about their shared love of ‘Fables of the Reconstruction’. Or something like that.

You know it’s true what they say. When life gives you lemons, well… do that. “Lemon Trees” is a song from the very beginning of Drug Couple’s journey. It was written as the pair just started getting serious about leaving the city and growing a new life in the sticks. As Miles and Becca clarify:

“This is a song about the possibility of moving somewhere you can breathe, and grow plants on the earth. And maybe you don’t know what you’re doing, and maybe those things you try to grow will die, but you can still try. And that by hanging around the city trying not to miss anything, maybe you’re actually missing out on, like, a whole life.”

Loose and languorous, a little like the couple themselves, “Lemon Trees” ripples like a gentle breeze through a pastel-hued orchard on a long summer’s evening. Its yawning pedal steels and lackadaisical guitars surround a sleepy-eyed duet between Miles and Becca, who hold it all together in some kind of warm embrace. Neat.

Released via the PaperCup Music label, it’s the first of a collection of songs called ‘Stoned Weekend’, all homegrown in the soils of ‘Freelandia’ that Drug Couple hope to share with you very soon.

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