After debuting with Soft Violence, one of the best portuguese records of 2020 (Mindies), and performing at some of the most iconic Portuguese festivals, such as Festival Vodafone Paredes de Coura, DREAM PEOPLE are hurtling into the future with their second record, Almost Young, to be released in March.

People Think, the first single, is a happy sad song, that combines an upbeat eighties vibe with somewhat melancholic lyrics. It mirrors the lives of these five young men coming to terms with growing up.

“Today we release People Think . It is the happiest song on our new album, but also the one that has the harshest message: sometimes, at certain times in our lives, we end up forgetting what we were and what we dreamed in our youth. We all have this constant fear of losing ourselves in boring numbing lives and this song ends up reflecting that ”

It is based on this contradiction between an ideal past and a present in which the subject is confronted with his wasted life, that João Reis Moreira - dancer known mainly for his work with Conan Osiris in Eurovision 2019 - lends his performance to the video clip, which was directed by the young and upcoming director Andreia Pereira da Silva and produced by Maus da Fita

People Think is also available on all digital platforms

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