“Some songs just write themselves - when it happens you’re a passenger and a vessel to the whole process. Girl of My Dreams was exactly this - as I was feverishly recording instrumental parts I felt that something special was happening. The whistled melody was one of the first components to come in the writing process - I envisioned being on Italian TV in the 80’s dressed in a black velvet tuxedo, hands behind my back while whistling away and melting hearts.

Girl of My Dreams touches on an overall theme of the upcoming album. Age, experience and an attitude of resilience in our lives lead us to the point of pushing aside insecurities and indecisiveness in order to follow one’s heart.

The accompanying clip by director Alex Orlando Smith may be one of the finest Donny Benét videos to date. I cannot find the words to justify the genius and beauty of the clip. I guarantee you will have an enjoyable viewing experience.

Whether it’s the girl or boy of your dreams, always trust your instinct and don’t be afraid to take the plunge for new romance.”

Tour dates:

  • May 22 - Nouveau Monde - Fribourg, CH
  • May 24 - Botanique - Brussels, BE
  • May 26 - The Dome - London, UK
  • May 27 - Paradiso Noord - Amsterdam, NL
  • May 28 - Loppen - Copenhagen, DK
  • May 29 - Lido - Berlin, DE
  • May 30 - Futurum - Prague, CZ
  • May 31 - Moers Festival - Moers, DE

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