Delirium" is the newest offering to land from cinematic metal quintet DISCONNECTED SOULS. This 'deadly' night club-esque anthem draws together the heavy with hip-hop elements all entwined together in the outfit's eclectic style. Taken from their debut conceptional album Fragments of Consciousness, set to be released on January 19th, 2024, the band push further boundaries of compositional and musical arrangements as they venture into darker realms.

Patrick Lloyd comments: "'Delirium' is a song of addiction and the impact it has on the individual and those around them. Musically, the song contains inspiration from clubby EDM tracks, crushing metalcore, and a sprinkling of downbeat hip hop."

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DISCONNECTED SOULS emerged in 2018 out of a desire to incorporate and blend the three great pillars of music, electronic, classical and metal. Following their debut EP Warring Elements in 2020, the band have since been releasing a diverse array of singles, leading up to the debut album. The quintet based out of Chester, England, strive to create a distinctive sound that draws upon the depths of metal, while playing with tones and textures. Each member brings a diverse range of musical interests to the table and the resulting sound encompasses a wide variety of instrumental and vocal styles. DISCONNECTED SOULS take their name from the growing disconnect between humans; both from each other but also within ourselves, as well as the increasing rift with the natural world.

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