Fribourg's psychedelic rock trio DIRTY SOUND MAGNET present the otherworldly new video "Sunday Drama". Their new album' 'DSM-III' is dropping on March 18th through Hummus Records but, for now, just relax and enjoy the trip to the Cosmos!

DIRTY SOUND MAGNET's new single "Sunday Drama" is a mellow tune made up of delicate folk arpeggios and stellar riffs. The guitar is queen in this instrumental track that offers an absolute dreamy moment, timeless and beautiful, gracefully closing their upcoming album 'DSM-III'. The video illustrates "the Universe from it’s creation till it’s destruction" explains the band. The video was made by Arturo Baston, Bass-Tone. Add the single to your playlists on the streaming platforms here.

Dirty Sound Magnet - Sunday Drama (Official Music Video) - YouTube DIRTY SOUND MAGNET’s upcoming record is using the best blues-rock and boogie tricks to enhance their vintage psychedelic rock sound. The band envisioned a very natural and authentic sound and therefore kept the production simple with just a few microphones and a vintage mixing desk. In the end, it turns out that the trio has never sounded more powerful and organic. "The whole album is based on energy and electricity" say the band. Watch Dirty Sound Magnet's latest videos "Heavy Hours" and "Toxic Monkey".

'DSM-III' was written by Stavros Dzodzos, recorded by Marco Mottolini, mixed by Stéphane Chapelle and mastered by Paul Gold, from Salt Mastering, New York (USA). The album is arriving early 2022 on LP, CD and digital through Hummus Records.

DIRTY SOUND MAGNET new album DSM-III Out on March 18th 2022 via Hummus Records - PREORDER

DIRTY SOUND MAGNET is a psychedelic rock power trio from Fribourg, Switzerland. Their sound oozes the amazing effervescent 60s/70s rock. The band's approach has often been compared to Led Zeppelin for their groove, energy and instrumental virtuosity, to a more violent version of Pink Floyd and to the mysticism of The Doors. With the addition of some more modern influences (Tame Impala, King Gizzard and the Lizzard Wizard) and sarcastic lyrics grounded in today's social turmoil, the DSM magic formula is complete.
In 2017, DSM issued their debut album 'Western Lies' with Berlin-based record label Noisolution. Shortly after, the band won the “Best Swiss Rock Song” award for their single "Homo Economicus". They started to tour relentlessly, playing more than 350 shows around Europe.
2019 saw the release of their epic full album 'Transgenic', which established the band as a leading force among the European psychedelic rock scene. When Covid-19 arrived, freezing any cultural life for a while, Dirty Sound Magnet had to cancel their tour. This hiatus from touring allowed the band to go back to basics and rehearse intensively. They produced and released a live session album named 'Live Alert' in November 2020 via Hummus Records. The album showcases the trio’s unquestionable improvisation skills and obvious mastery.
During this highly productive period, Dirty Sound Magnet also recorded an ambitious studio album. "DSM-III" is arriving on March 18th 2022 through Swiss independent record label Hummus Records (Coilguns, Impure Wilhelmina).

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