Ukrainian Metal project Diminium, led by acclaimed sound producer Dimi Rich, announces the release of a new EP titled "Dominant", following the debut album "Dissonant." Explore more here: Dominant EP on Bandcamp.

"Dominant" explores the fusion of Black Metal with modern influences, featuring ambient keyboards, progressive elements, and seamless transitions into Death Metal. The EP showcases versatile vocals, blast beats, and intense breakdowns. Through this musical journey, Diminium vividly portrays the intersection of personal identity and societal upheaval, especially against the backdrop of a nation at war.

Bandleader Dimi Rich shares insights into the creative process behind "Dominant": "For this EP, I decided to strip away the layers of overproduction present in our previous work, opting instead for a raw and natural sound. This approach lends the record a sense of authenticity and harshness, allowing the atmospheric and brutal nature of the music to shine through. While the debut album was characterized by indignation and frustration, this release represents a shift towards navigating the complexities of our reality—with, of course, a touch of rage."

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