Strict Regime Country" is a concept album by Israel-based Blackened Heavy Metal project Die Entweihung. The album is dedicated to the project mastermind's homeland, Belarus, and focuses on the events that occurred in 2020 after the contested elections. The album captures the essence of people's protests against the injustice they faced. The album was released by the german label Witches Brew.

Musically, the album continues the direction of all the albums released since 2015 (starting with "Neverending Terrorism"), featuring a Heavy/Thrash Metal foundation, Middle-Eastern melodics, and various Progressive Rock elements.

Die Entweihung, which translates to "Desecration" in German, is a one-man band formed in May 2007 by Denis Tereschenko (initially performing as Herr Entweiherr) in the northern part of Israel. Originally from Belarus (Vitebsk), Denis moved to Israel three years before starting the project.

Beginning as a raw Black Metal project, Die Entweihung soon embarked on various experiments related to all aspects of creativity. After almost a decade of exploring different stylistic and sound changes, Die Entweihung released "Neverending Terrorism" in 2015, transitioning to a Blackened Heavy Metal style.

The latest album, "Strict Regime Country," continues the eclectic mix of styles from the previous three albums, blending Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Doom Metal, and Prog Rock. The album features a rich vocal diversity, including male growling/screaming and female growling/clean vocals, along with an abundance of Middle-Eastern melodies.

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