The French melodic death metal band DESTINITY has taken the music world by storm with their latest release, a cover of CARPENTER BRUT’s iconic "Turbo Killer." Released on October 13, 2023, under CRIMSON PRODUCTIONS, this rendition stands as a testament to the band's ability to infuse classic tracks with their signature heavy style.

The band's decision to cover "Turbo Killer" was driven by the original's melodic and powerful composition. "This song is very melodic and powerful! We said to ourselves that it would be really good to cover it with drums, guitars, a great solo and especially with Mick's growls," they explain. This cover is not just a musical experiment but a bridge connecting fans to their upcoming projects, as they say, "The main idea was to be able to keep our fans waiting until the next album."

Reflecting on their musical journey since "In Continuum," the band believes that "Turbo Killer" is a continuation of their long-established style. "This exclusive cover song reflects what DESTINITY is since more than 15 years," they remark, emphasizing their consistent devotion to melodic death metal.

The collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Jacob Hansen was a strategic choice, given his history with the band. "We directly thought of Jacob Hansen because we know him very well, we recorded 4 albums with him in the past," they share, highlighting Hansen's impact on the single's powerful sound, particularly on guitars, vocals, and samples.

Guitarists Stephan Barboni and Sébatien Vom-Scheidt played a pivotal role in transforming "Turbo Killer." The band notes, "They actually did a remarkable job on this title. We have slightly re-arranged the rhythm but the big plus on this track is certainly this solo from Seb, it further enhances the quality of this composition."

DESTINITY hopes that "Turbo Killer" will resonate with both new and longtime fans. "For those who will discover us with this single, I invite them to discover our latest albums," they encourage new listeners, while also expressing gratitude to their long-time fans and teasing their upcoming album, scheduled for release at the end of 2024.

This latest single by DESTINITY is not just a cover but a bold statement in the world of melodic death metal. It exemplifies the band's skill in reimagining and revitalizing existing music while maintaining the essence of their distinct sound. "Turbo Killer" is a powerful introduction to DESTINITY's world for newcomers and a satisfying continuation for existing fans, promising a thrilling journey ahead in their musical evolution

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