After 3 releases out worldwide via LIFEFORCE RECORDS (Germany), DESTINITY are back with 9 new songs (51mn), offering once again their unique blend of Melodic Death metal.

The album was produced by Destinity in the second half of 2020 and mixed and mastered during December 2020 at BLACKLOUNGE STUDIO (SWEDEN) by Jonas Kjellgren (ref: SABATON, SCAR SYM-METRY, SONIC SYNDICATE, THE ABSENCE, IN MOURNING and many more...).

The album, entitled « IN CONTINUUM », seamlessly moves from punchy, edgy riffs, to catchy choruses, ambient melodies accompanied by orchestrations, and groovy bridges that will surely make your headbang. This blend creates a musical diversity that makes each song a listening experience making the listener travel through different states of mind throughout the track.

"IN CONTINUUM" is surely the deepest and most accomplished album of the band's discography to date.

With just a few notes into this new album, we find DESTINITY continuing in the steps of their latest release “Resolve in Crimson” with their unique breed of Melodic Death Metal combining deep growls, punchy riffs, catchy melodies and powerful orchestration that has been the band’s trademark sound throughout the years. A continuity but not a remake! In Continuum must be the band’s most sophisticated release to date. Next to blasting drums, frenzied tremolo picking and guttural vocals come ambient sections giving space to rich orchestrations and lush harmonies weaving a somber and brooding atmosphere. Each song depicts a sonic landscape that will take the listener to unexpected places that are surprising yet always coherent, making you want to continue to hear what comes next.

“In Continuum” will be released worldwide on Friday 15th October 2022 through Crimson Productions / Season of Mist.


01 - The Sand Remains
02 - Reject The Deceit
03 - Reflections
04 - Shadows
05 - Dawn Never Breaks
06 - vArchitect of light
07 - A Lucid Strain
08 - Snakepit
09 - Salvation

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