After being temporarily off the listeners' radars, Russian melodic heavy metallers DESCENERY are back with their debut LP, "Stillborn Monolith", which was self-released on July 1st, 2017.

The band's debut offers a combination of heavy and melodic death metal, presenting also elements from other genres. "Stillborn Monolith" features a number of guests not only from Russia but also from Sweden, Poland, UK, Italy, Australia, USA and Portugal. The complete list is as follows:

  • Dag Swano (Nightingale);
  • Ragnar Widerberg (Witherscape, ShadowQuest);
  • Mick Armstrong (Atma Weapon);
  • Sebastian Nadjer (HellHaven);
  • Anastasia Mescheryakova (mescheryakova, ex-Gospel Tramp);
  • Igor Plotnikov (The World Within);
  • Dario Guarino (Aged Teen, Nameless Crime)
  • Emily Highfield (Suldusk);
  • Phil Romeo (Countless Skies);
  • Stephan Kobiakin (Finding Sanity, ex-Summoned Hell, ex-A Dream of Poe).

Daria Kirianova is responsible for the artwork, and the lyrics for one of the tracks («A Man, Anew») were written by Amari Satsu from Khabarovsk. Mikhail Myshalov, who is mostly known for his cooperation with Sergei Tabachnikov, did the mixing and mastering.

«Season Falls»
«No Way»
«Stillborn Monolith»
«Passages of Standstill»
«A Man, Anew»
«Running out of Time»
«Denial Opus»

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