Necrodeist is the tenth full length studio recorded release by Declared Dead (appropriately marking a decade anniversary for the band!). The majority of Necrodeist was recorded at the beginning of 2023 and was continued from the summer months to November of 2023 (after a five to six month delay starting in February). Mixing and mastering occurred in December of 2023.

The concept/title of Necrodeist was seemingly "given" to band leader Anders Milovovich, "through the aether", and was fully developed with the rest of the band - thereafter. Like Declared Dead itself, "Necrodeist" is difficult to define succinctly. A simple phrase such as, "Through death, life is known." could be the beginning catalyst to understanding - but "true definition" would be ephemeral...evanescent.

After contemplation - it was recognized that Necrodeist has a kinship with Friedrich Nietzsche's "Will to Power" ("A living being seeks above all else to discharge its strength. Life itself is a will to power. Nothing else matters."). In the view of Anders Milovovich, Necrodeist has within its realm the idea that, "Frustrations that stem from and of 'dying' (ironically called 'living') causes shades and expulsions of emotive behavior to occur - which can be recognized as 'creativity'...'artistry' in certain situations. Consciousness expressing beyond the limits of flesh, utilizing the confinement within gross materiality as a tool of elevation. Duality in symbiosis leads to enlightenment."

In that respect, the previous Declared Dead album, Integument of Golden Luster and Necrodeist compliment each other (almost with no beginning or end between the two - cycling like the ouroboros) in terms of the former having a more "sun-like" quality while the latter is steeped in a darker "moon-like" moodiness. Though, it can be pondered - posits Anders (in a pseudo-lofty tone), "By night the day arrives - what is 'moonlight'? Is it not the sun peeking behind the curtain? Does not the creator reveal itself so much it disappears?"

Occult knowledge and exploration plays a role in Necrodeist as well. The lyrics within the album deal with elements of: "chaos magic", "extra-dimensional entities", "parapsychology", "quantum phenomenon", and "spiritual malaise".

The music of Necrodeist has a "carnavale" feeling to it at times, which upon investigation seems apropos, since the word derives from "carne levare/carne vale" or "remove meat/farewell to meat/farewell to flesh". The act of "dying" is just this! While the world dances, their feet are rooted in the underworld. Another aspect of the album's music is the more "brooding element" - again, representing the polarity of existence. The individual instruments and song structures convey both eccentricities, as well. The vocals, drums, and rhythm guitars have a stronger deliberate foundation like that of "intrinsic exoteric being", while the bass, keyboards, and solo guitars have a more spontaneous "devil may care" esoteric element, most of the time. With both combined - there's a balance that is simultaneously "interesting" and "invigorating".

Necrodeist could be described as "Atmospheric Progressive Blackened Death-Thrash" and might appeal to fans of: Annihilator, Morbid Angel, Impaled Nazarene, Nocturnus, and many more (those type of bands that have a unique approach involving numerous influences and inspirations that places an ineffable aura within and of their creations).

01. Sanguinary Libations | 02. Manifest The Present | 03. A Crowning Bereavement | 04. Ziggurat Of Eschaton | 05. Circling The Drain | 06. As The Mystery Unfolds | 07. Liquidation Of Anachronisms | 08. A God Amongst Ruins | 09. The Soul Grifter | 10. Gateway To The Cosmic Garden

Necrodeist | Released July 16th, 2024 via Sliptrick Records

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