We're very happy to have Everything Is Noise on board again for the premiere of the new single State Of The Union from Norway's legendaryDeathcrush trio

Everything Is Noise comments on the track: "State Of The Union is a great example what Deathcrush are capable of. Abrasive noise and a nearly demonic vibe are immediately noticeable once the song starts. There isn’t that much happening throughout the tune, and the band use this monotony very cleverly to create a maelstrom of fuzz which captivates the listener. Disguised with no wave, garage and noise rock sensibilities, there is an ever-present layer of meditation underneath."

Neither nostalgic or history-less, Megazone by Oslo trio Deathcrushsoundtracks the present day mess we’ve made for us selves.

The name Megazone might be referencing the 90s lazer tag game, orMegaZone23 - the Japanese animated TV-series or its 2000s video game version, to which the Matrix bears strong similarities. Maybe it’s a veryDeathcrush way of (lazer-)pointing to Descartes’ Evil Demon, where the perceived world might be a comprehensive illusion created to deceive us. Maybe it is a rally cry. A status report? Maybe the songs are all questions we should be able to answer by now.

The lyrics on Megazone can often be interpreted both interpersonal and as a comment on current and recurring issues. With titles like EGO, Dumb and State of the Union - ignorance, the games we play, how where and to whom we’re born affects us and self-righteous egoism are recurring themes.

Deathcrush has played festivals like Roskilde (DK), Øya (NO), Iceland Airwaves (ISL), Nowe Horyzonty (PL) and The Great Escape (UK), venues like Sheperds Bush Empire and Club NME at Koko in London, and shared stages with Mayhem, Trentemøller, Dillinger Escape Plan, Battles, Refused and Sleigh Bells amongst others.


1. EGO

2. PushPushPush

3. Deathcrush-Khmer Rich

4. Dumb

5. Filthy Street

6. Bedsit

7. Trust Me

8. Daemon

9. State of the Union

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