Slovakia’s Abyss Above are the newest signing to the Seek & Strike family. They unleash a brutal deathcore assault that is best showcased on their blistering new track, 'Vain'. The band’s frenetic, live intensity is highlighted in the song’s music video, which you can watch below. 'Vain' also serves as the first look into their highly anticipated new EP due later this year.

Watch the video here:
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Abyss Above comment: "Our new track, ‘Vain', offers a taste of our latest musical direction. The rhythmically driven track introduces a raw, abrasive punch complimented by dissonant tones, which will get you in a mood to go head first through a concrete wall. Our upcoming EP will certainly deliver the heaviness and emotion to do that. The lyrical side takes its roots in our previous EP Inevitable End and continues the theme of humanity’s irresponsibility causing the destruction of everything around us, yet taking no accountability for these actions."

“The music video reflects the track's dark, grainy and gritty mood supported by chaotic edits, glitchy effects and lack of lighting to help convey its overall atmosphere. This song, along with the video, showcases that raw energy and chaos we always love to deliver on stage and we can’t wait to share it with everyone live."

On their recent label signing, the band add: "We are also beyond excited to finally announce our signing with Seek and Strike. Being among so many incredible bands still feels a little unreal to us. With our upcoming EP and their amazing team in our corner, we're looking forward to playing as many live shows as possible and going absolutely crazy with all of our fans, old and new."

Hailing from Prešov, Slovakia, Abyss Above were founded in summer of 2015. Through the years and via many lineup changes, the band have grown stronger, solidifying their position as an important new deathcore act. With three EPs out already, Abyss Above shows no signs of stopping. The 2019 EP Doombound showcased a band ready to take it to the next level. The EP's first single 'Omega' made its way onto the official deathcore Spotify playlist. Their most recent work Inevitable End further proves that Abyss Above is a force to be reckoned with and displays the band's evolution. Turning away from standard deathcore songwriting styles, the band are experimenting with compositions and structures, inspired by the likes of Humanity's Last Breath and Reflections. The band's new EP is due for release later this year.

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