‘De Woonwijk’ manifests itself as a cheerful note in the dreamy landscape of De Toegift

Dutch band De Toegift release new single ‘De woonwijk’ today. 'De woonwijk’ is the first single following the release of debut EP ‘En ik kon alles zien’, which was released last month. ‘De woonwijk’ comes with a video in which singer Maxim Ventulé and guitarist Tom Gudde visit the neighbourhood the song is about. You can watch the video on YouTube. ‘De woonwijk’ is now available online everywhere.

“Somewhere an unknown band ushers in the night, the encore starts. A collective feeling of melancholy and longing fills the room as long as those last notes go on.” The band De Toegift combines the worlds of Dutch poetry and contemporary indie music into what they prefer to make the most: Dutch spoken indie with influences from jazz. Always looking for experiment, authenticity and the perfect song, the Zeeland band plays with themes about time and nostalgia. De Toegift's first EP, 'En ik kon alles zien', was released on the 1st of April 2022.

Today this first EP is followed by new single ‘De woonwijk’. The single manifests itself as a cheerful note in the dreamy landscape of De Toegift. ‘De woonwijk’ start as an expression of fear, with nostalgia as a subterfuge. At a time when pandemics, riots, and curfews reigned, Tom saw his panic for everything in life increase. He found a way out in this song about his own neighbourhood; a fairly typical, uncharacteristic, vinex-neighbourhood on the outskirts of Breda. The familiar decor in which he could play outside as a child and get lost in seemingly endless summer evenings. His neighbourhood was a world small enough to handle.

The video for ‘De woonwijk’ takes you on a journey through Tom Gudde's old neighbourhood. Together with Maxim Ventulé on the back of a bike, they pay a visit to the place where he grew up.

‘De woonwijk’ is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, iTunes and Bandcamp. You can watch the video for ‘De woonwijk’ on YouTube.

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