davada unveils their new single "All I Ever Needed", a haze-inducing track that blurs the lines between hyperpop and melodic hip-hop. The main synths and vocal melodies are inspired by eurodance and hardcore dance music. However, the backbone of the track features trap-style drums that creates a floating, almost hypnotic atmosphere, differentiating it from davada’s previous two singles.

The queer Montreal artist opens up about despair and turmoil with an ethereal yet captivating lyrical universe, favoring enveloping and trance-like flows. "All I Ever Needed" will unfold into four remixes (Club Mix), (Jersey Club), (nightcore), (slowed+reverb), available May 3, 2024.

davada is working on their next EP, slated for release in the Fall. Emerging from the underground, queer electronic and hyperpop scenes in Montreal, their ethereal, electro pop style brings together elements of cloud rap and bubblegum pop : delivering emotional hooks over eclectic, hard-hitting beats with gender-bending vocals.

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