Out on the 3rd of May!

Danny Vera’s new record, ‘Pressure Makes Diamonds’, is an album that’s divided in two parts. One heavy and one light.

Danny Vera gladly explains the underlying meaning of his record: ‘I live in Zeeland, so I travel by car a lot. I drive about 70,000 kilometers a year. I listen to a lot of music on the go. By day I prefer fast-paced rock songs, by night, when I drive back from gigs, I prefer the more mellow stuff. I cannot stand it when rock songs are interrupted by ballads, and vice versa. Because of that, I thought it would be fun to split those two moods, heavy and light.’

For the live shows Vera reckons clubs are the perfect habitat for the rough and fast songs on part 1, while the velvety glow of the theatre lends itself to part 2’s ballads. ‘In clubs, people stand around drinking beer while they interrupt the music with their chatter. That’s fine, but it just does not work for ballads,’ he explains. ‘You have to be able to sit down and enjoy those quietly.’

Vera’s record, the third complete album on Excelsior Recordings, is once again produced by Frans Hagenaars. Vera: ‘Not in Nashville, but in Wisseloord in Hilversum. Analog on tape, including noise. Sometimes you can still hear the tape rolling after a song. I think that’s beautiful.’ The secret of his powerful sound lies partly in the capable hands of Vance Powell, who actually operates in country’s holy land, Nashville.

His album will be out in Belgium on the 3rd of May! Don't miss this.

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