Seven years after the multi-award winning Shelter, Belgian indie folk group, Dan San announces its big comeback with the single “Hard Days Are Gone”.

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With “Hard Days Are Gone’” the great figures of the Belgian indie scene have again succeeded in making the light spring from the dark. Like an irradiant mantra, an incantation to better days, the track reminds us that difficult times always end behind us.

At the junction of a theme that is more current than ever and arrangements resolutely 70’s, “Hard Days Are Gone” sublimates the well-known feeling of loneliness with which we are forced to deal when we seek a place in a world to which we do not feel part.

Directed by Kevin Antoine, the clip translates into a poetic allegory our need of others, to feel integrated in a social group, and the deep confusion that causes physical and psychic isolation.

A parachutist wakes up alone in a huge forest, looking to return to that sky from which he seems to have come. In vain. But after sinking into loneliness and total abandonment, hope will return. And in a breathtaking race, the hard days will be gone.

“Hard Days Are Gone” is the band’s first release since their award winning 2016 LP Shelter which saw them collaborate with Yann Arnaud, known for his work with Air and Phoenix. “Hard Days Are Gone” is out now via Simone Records

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